Piedra para muros

Elevate Your Design with Premium Natural Stone from Piedras Labeta

Welcome to Piedras Labeta, your premier source for high-quality natural stone products in Mexico. We specialize in providing a diverse range of materials that cater to various construction and design applications. From modern facades to elegant interior designs, our stones offer both aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Our Exquisite Stone Products


Transform your outdoor spaces with our durable and stylish adoquin. Perfect for pathways, driveways, and patios, our adoquin adds a timeless charm to any exterior.

Recubrimiento de Piedra

Enhance your property with our premium recubrimiento de piedra. Ideal for modern facades and decorative coatings, our stone coverings provide a sophisticated look and lasting protection.

Fachadas Modernas

Create striking and contemporary facades with our selection of natural stones. Our materials are perfect for achieving a sleek, modern aesthetic that stands out.

Piedra para Muros

Our high-quality stone for walls offers durability and beauty. Ideal for both interior and exterior applications, our stones enhance the visual appeal and strength of your structures.

Piedra Porfido

Known for its rich colors and unique textures, our piedra porfido is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any project. It is suitable for both flooring and wall applications.

Piedra Galarza

Piedra Galarza is celebrated for its versatility and durability. It’s an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor projects, offering a natural look that blends seamlessly with various design styles.

Piedra Blanca

Illuminate your spaces with the clean, bright look of our piedra blanca. This stone is perfect for creating a light and airy atmosphere in both modern and traditional designs.

Piedra Pizarra

Add depth and texture to your designs with our premium piedra pizarra. Its unique slate-like appearance is ideal for creating stunning visual effects in any space.


Our cantera stones are sourced from the finest quarries and are available in various colors and textures. They are perfect for crafting elegant and durable architectural elements.

Piedra San Andres

Piedra San Andres is known for its distinctive appearance and robustness. It’s an ideal material for creating eye-catching features in both residential and commercial projects.

Why Choose Piedras Labeta?

Superior Quality

At Piedras Labeta, we are committed to providing the highest quality natural stones. Our products are sourced from the best quarries in Mexico and are crafted to meet stringent aesthetic and functional standards.

Extensive Selection

We offer a wide range of natural stone products to suit any design or construction need. Whether you’re an architect, designer, or homeowner, you’ll find the perfect stone for your project.

Expert Service

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you select the right materials for your needs. We provide personalized service to ensure that your project is a success from start to finish.

Sustainable Practices

We prioritize sustainable sourcing and environmentally friendly practices in our operations. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our stones are not only beautiful but also responsibly produced.

Contact Us Today

Ready to enhance your project with the finest natural stones? Visit Piedras Labeta to explore our extensive selection and discover how our products can transform your designs. Trust us to provide the quality and service you need to bring your vision to life.

Piedra para muros

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